Hardwood flooring installation Maintenance

Hardwood installation of flooring has been having a bit of a resurgence in popularity within the last few years. It pairs well with rustic and elegant décor, and it has a great and timeless appearance that complements every home. Whether you prefer light, warm wood shades or dark, rich hues, the color of hardwood will inevitably add a minor character to your home.

However, there are far more advantages to having hardwood in your home than you might think. For a significant factor, it’s developed to last. Hardwood is durable. Unlike carpet, it’s made for longevity and will survive the everyday wear that is included with raising children and pets. Even yet, in high-traffic regions of your property, you can count on hardwood to stay in good shape.

Long-Term Maintenance

While we recommend hiring a team of contractors to assist you with floor, it requires minimal maintenance throughout the entire year once hardwood is installed. This is why hardwood is so massively popular in spaces that range from urban apartments to spacious farmhouses.

To minimize the quantity of damage done to your hardwood floors through the years and help keep them looking fresh in every season, you can take subsequent preventative measures.

Layout floor mats. In the snowy and rainy seasons, dirt, grime, and mud can easily get tracked in on the soles of one’s boots. In addition, water damage could be detrimental to your hardwoodfloor.

Dust often. Every few days is better, but you’ll quickly learn how much dust collects on your floor. Pet owners may find they should sweep and mop their floors down more regularly. Use a disposable electrostatic cloth for quick dusting jobs. For weekly or bi-weekly deep cleaning, work with a vacuum with a ground brush attachment.

Use a natural wood floor cleaner. Get hold of your floor manufacturer about the very best choices for your particular wood. Don’t work with a vinyl or tile floor cleaner—this will strip your hardwood.

Some everyday wear and tear can be expected, and a small amount of scuffing could make hardwood flooring appear more “worn-in” and less sterile. However, following these few simple steps could keep them looking great.

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